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The 31st China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair Will Take Place Online as Scheduled on June 15

CHTF.ORG.CN  2021-06-02     Heilongjiang Newspaper  3214

This 31st Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair will last from June 15 to 19, 2021. In accordance with the requirement of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the mode of the exhibition activities of this current fair will be a “mainly online, online and offline combined” one. Through “cloud exhibition, cloud meeting, cloud investment promotion, cloud live broadcast and cloud contract signing”, this fair will be elevated to a new level in digitization, informatization and intelligence. The reporter obtained this informed from the CCPIT HLJ.

The theme of this 31st China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair is “Empowering the new era with science and technology, fostering a new pattern hand in hand”. The guest country of honor is Azerbaijan, and Xiamen the guest city of honor.

This fair will provide an online exhibition platform so that the exhibition display function can be realized by digital exhibition pavilion, VR exhibition pavilion, online live broadcast, cloud negotiation, etc. The online exhibition pavilions comprise chiefly eight sections: the first section is the Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition Pavilion, which displays digital economy, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, smart city, smart home, sports technology, etc., in which there is a Heilongjiang high-quality transformation exhibition of scientific and technological achievements. The second is the exhibition pavilion for service trade, which displays the cross-border economic cooperation pilot zone, epidemic prevention materials, medical devices, financial services, traveling residential health preservation, e-commerce, time-honored brands, new retail and new consumption, etc. The third is the exhibition pavilion for regional cooperation, which displays the projects, technologies, achievements and products of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the fields of high-end equipment, machinery manufacturing, industrial automation, environmental protection technology, infrastructure and other fields. The fourth is the exhibition pavilion of Comprehensive revitalization, showing the construction achievements of “three great articles” and “six strong provinces” in Heilongjiang province, as well as the contents of attracting investment, high and new technology, opening up, business environment, modern agriculture, and forest economy, in which there is a fashion culture exhibition. The fifth is the brand promotion exhibition pavilion, which displays the high-quality commodities, marketing channels, experience methods, entrepreneurship and innovation, brand incubators, brand service providers and brand franchisees of small and medium-sized enterprises. The sixth one is the exhibition pavilion for imported goods, which displays advanced technology, local characteristics, investment and cooperation projects, achievements of people-to-people and cultural exchanges, high-end consumer products, export to domestic sale products, etc. of foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan of China. The seventh is the exhibition pavilion for mechanical and electrical equipment, displaying food processing and packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, water treatment equipment, road and bridge and mining mechanical equipment and their corresponding accessories, hardware tools, auto parts, logistics and supply chain equipment technology, and other mechanical and electrical products. The last section is the exhibition pavilion for large machinery, which displays engineering machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, biomass energy technology equipment, large cars and trucks, passenger cars, municipal environmental protection equipment, emergency equipment, ice and snow equipment, outdoor leisure facilities, etc.

The supporting activities of Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair in the same period will be conducted by adopting the mode of “mainly online, online and offline combined”, and its main activities include: China-Russia friendship, Peace and Development Committee Local Cooperation Council Sino-Russian Plenary Meeting, Harbin-Xiamen two-way economic and Trade Investment Fair, China (Heilongjiang) free trade pilot zone Promotion Conference, “HLJ Yun Expo Platform” promotion and introduction meeting, Harbin, China International Science and Technology Achievements Fair & the 4th North Latitude 45° Innovation Forum (short for “Harbin Science and Technology Fair”), The world top 500 enterprises and business associations walking into Harbin talkfest, The 2nd international legal service forum on arbitration, etc.

The “online” activities include Governors’ meeting of Heilongjiang, Guangdong (China) - Far East (Russia), Tripartite Friendship City Communication Meeting among Heilongjiang Province, South Chungcheong province, South Korea and Amur Oblast, Russia, Ecological cooperation and development conference of Heilongjiang province and Khabarovsk territory, Formal launch of the project cooperation and investment potential in the Khabarovsk territory, and the economic and trade exchange activities between Heilongjiang Province and Taiwan, China, etc.

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