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Tang Hongyu, deputy head of International expo development and promotion center of Heilongjiang province, accompanied the working group of CCPIT to inspect Jiamusi, Shuangyashan and Hegang

CHTF.ORG.CN  2021-06-02     International Expo Development and Promotion Center of Heilongjiang province  1387

During the period of time from April 19 to 23, 2021, Tang Hongyu, deputy head of International Expo Development and Promotion Center of Heilongjiang province, accompanied Yu Xuesong, deputy to the CCPIT HLJ, and other relevant comrades of the Council paid a visit to Jiamusi, Shuangyashan, Hegang and other places to carry out an investigation.

During the investigation, Tang Hongyu introduced the promotion progress of the "four major exhibitions" to be held in our province, clarified the requirements, principles, implementation methods, work progress and its supporting activities of the 31st Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair and answered some relevant questions of the participating enterprises in detail. The corresponding responsible departmental comrades from CCPIT Jiamusi , Shuangyashan Bureau of Commerce, and CCPIT Hegang made special reports on the preparatory work of the "four major exhibitions" held by our province in 2021. 29 enterprises exchanged their opinions and suggestions. Over 300 questionnaires and brochures have been distributed. 

The investigation delegation visited in succession Jiamusi Jiatiandeyi Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiamusi Dongmei Soybean Food Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Jiaxing Glass Co., Ltd., Jiamusi Colorful Carpet Industry Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Sida Agricultural and Sideline Products Trading Center, Shuangyashan E-Commerce Development Service Center, Hegang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance Incubation Base & E-commerce Industrial Park, Hegang Haiyu Rice Industry Co., Ltd., Hegang Jingwei Sugarol Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Jiataifeng Grain & Oil Food Co., Ltd. and investigated the production and operation conditions of these enterprises, sorted out the opinions and suggestions as to the participation in the fair, and answered relevant questions.

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