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Star Exhibitor Awards (116)

(I)Foreign Exhibitors(30)
1.Japan (11)

· Zeeklite Co., Ltd.
· Chuyu Commercial Co., Ltd.
· Miyamoto Store
· Yanxinyang Trading Co., Ltd.
· Zuishangchuan Land Improvement Zone
· Honda Trading Co., Ltd.
· Sato Shipping Co., Ltd.
· Hirata Ranch Co., Ltd.
· Hinai Bank Co., Ltd.
· Chuang Nai Survey & Design Co., Ltd.
· Gongtong Co., Ltd

2.Korea (six)
· BOMCO Co., Ltd.
· H & Y Agriculture Co., Ltd.
· Korea KCP company
· Korea youfulai Co., Ltd.
· Korea (Qingdao) Fuku Electronics Co., Ltd.
· Korea Shijun Trading Co., Ltd.

3.Russia (two)
· Russia Demeter Co., Ltd.
· Russia Cedar Trading Co., Ltd.

4.Australia (one)
· Australia Dylan Matford Group

5.Afghanistan (one)
· Afghanistan· Waja Muhammad ·Amin Co., Ltd.

6.Pakistan (one)
· Pakistan Rana Export Company

7.India (3)
· India Atiya Enterprise
· Indian M.R. Enterprise
· Gemstone kraft

8.Philippines (1)
· Century Pacific Agricultural Ventures Inc. (CPAVI)

9.Thailand (3)
· Rayavadee
· Lactasoy Company Limited

10.Italy (1)
· Italy Xiuwei Jewelry Co., Ltd.

(II)Domestic Exhibitors (86)
1. Domestic (Other Provinces) Exhibitors (20)

· Jilin Wanxin Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Dalian Zundingdao Trading Co., Ltd.
· Yingkou Zhongxing Color Plate Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Shikoku Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Zhongkehuibai Identification Technology Co., Ltd.
· Beijing Yongchuangtongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Tianjin Hanton Packaging Food Machinery Factory
· Langfang Yongchuang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Shanghai Yingyi Packaging Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Shanghai Leidejie Coding Technology Co., Ltd.
· Wuhan Xianglaier Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
· Zhejiang Kunyu Technology Co., Ltd.
· Zhejiang Chendiao Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Zhangjiagang Sanxinghuifeng Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Xiamen Dongya Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Xiamen Gulong Food Co., Ltd.
· Zhangzhou Yujie intelligent packaging equipment Co., Ltd
· Zhangzhou Hongmin Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
· Shenzhen Panason Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

2.Taiwan (17)
· Wantian International Co., Ltd.
· Tianxing International Enterprise Society
· Dongxun International Enterprise Co., Ltd.
· LOVEPARIS International Co., Ltd.
· HanKun International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
· Quanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
· Peinajin Industrial Co., Ltd.
· Shangheyou Co., Ltd.
· Lebao Toys Co., Ltd.
· Elegant Design Workshop
· Yibo Co., Ltd.
· Yongchengxu Co., Ltd.
· Qingqiao Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.
· Lifemaster Enterprise Co., Ltd.
· ZhishengXingye Co., Ltd.
· Xinnan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
· Haoaiwa Co., Ltd.

3.Cities in the province (Local)(49)
· General Administration of Forest Industry of Heilongjiang Province
· Harbin Branch of China Post Group Corporation
· Heilongjiang longcai Technology Group Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Xinghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Shunfeng Express Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Youhao Logo Technology Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Liangtian Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Aisibo Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Aishite Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Yigao Trading Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Zhongyiruibao Import and Export Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Hongbangchui Liquor Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Yuquan Liquor Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Railway Assets Management Co., Ltd.
· Harbin AVIC Bearing Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Qiulinlidaosi Food Co., Ltd
· Harbin Longhang Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Heli Forklift Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Junshida Electric Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Haihe Machinery Factory
· Harbin Shenglonghua Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Yida Environmental Protection Facilities Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Xunchi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Jinmeile Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Innovative Door Technology Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Jinzhiding Intelligent Door & Window Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Jiaruituomalin Technology Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Handu Tourmaline Nano Technology Development Group Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Xianfeng Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Bince Planning and Creative Service Co., Ltd.
· Harbin Longtai International Trade Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Tianjin Edible Fungi Co., Ltd.
· Qiqihar Julong Technology Co., Ltd.
· Fujin Lixing Plant Protection Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
· Ning'an Grain, Oil and Starch Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Beifang Tools Co., Ltd.
· Suifenhe Igor Mall Co., Ltd.
· Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd.
· Daqing Gexin Building Materials Co., Ltd.
· Daqing Shengkai Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
· Daqing Yikouzhu Food Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Shendingfeng Black Bee Products Co., Ltd.
· Yichun Zhongzhidashanwang Liquor Co., Ltd.
· Suibin Xinbeiguo Beer Co., Ltd.
· Wangkui Longda Metal Products Co., Ltd.
· Wangkui Fujuge Decoration Material Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Chaoyue Building Materials Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Qiaoliya Food Co., Ltd.
· Daxing'anling Arctic Ice Blueberry Winery Co., Ltd.
I Outstanding Organization Award (82)

(I)Participants from foreign countries (23)
1.Russia (seven)

· Government of the Sakha (Yakut) Republic of Russia
· Government of Primorsky Krai of Russia
· Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Urals, Russia
· Nizhny Novgorod Business Practice Center, Russia
· Special Economic Zone of Ulyanovsk Prefecture, Russia
· Export Center of Ulyanovsk Oblast, Russia
· Ulyanovsk Prefecture Industrial and Entrepreneurial Development Group, Russia

2.Azerbaijan (one)
· Commercial Representative Office of Embassy of Azerbaijan in China

3.Japan (three)
· Government of Hokkaido, Japan
· Niigata Prefecture Government, Japan
· Yamagata Prefecture Harbin Office

4.South Korea (four)
· Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Commune Harbin Trade Hall
· China's main branch of Gangwon Province, South Korea
· Korea International Trade Marketing Support Center
· Fuchuan Industry Promotion Consortium

5.Thailand (three)
· China Thailand Chamber of Commerce
· Beijing General Chamber of Commerce, Thailand
· Thailand Association for the Promotion of ASEAN - China Economic and Trade

6.Malaysia (one)
· Malaysia Association for the Promotion of International Business

7.Nepal (one)
· Nepal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nepal

8.Pakistan (one)
· Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

9.India (one)
· Indian Chambers of commerce

10.Laos (one)
· Laos National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

(II) Domestic Participants (from other provinces) (12)
1.Government departments of other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (six)

· Xiamen Bureau of Commerce
· Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce
· Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce
· Department of Commerce of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
· Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce
· Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

2.Commerce Associations and Exhibition Organizations (four)
· China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association
· China Electronic Quality Management Association
· Asia-Europe Trade Development Association
· Liaoning Shenghang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

3.Large Enterprises (two)
· ZTE Corporation Ltd.
· China First Heavy Group Co. Ltd

(III) Participants from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, China (five)
· Liaoning Liaison Office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government of PRC
· Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
· Hong Kong Brand General Chamber of Commerce
· Hong Kong One Public Communication Co., Ltd.
· Taiwan Chamber of Commerce

(IV) Participants from Heilongjiang province (42)
1.Relevant departments directly under the central and provincial governments (18)

· Taiwan Affairs Office of Heilongjiang provincial Party Committee
· Office of Cyber Security and Information Technology Commission of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China
· Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology
· Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology
· Civil Affairs Department of Heilongjiang Province
· Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Justice
· Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
· Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce
· Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
· State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Heilongjiang Province
· Market Supervision Administration of Heilongjiang Province
· Heilongjiang Sports Bureau
· Heilongjiang Provincial Financial Supervision Administration
· Heilongjiang Business Environment Construction Supervision Bureau
· Heilongjiang Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
· Intellectual Property Office of Heilongjiang Province
· Harbin Customs
· Heilongjiang Disabled Persons' Federation

2. Relevant Departments of Municipal (Local) Governments (Administrative Departments) (15)
· Harbin Council for the Promotion of International Trade
· Qiqihar Municipal Bureau of Commerce
· Mudanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce
· Jiamusi Bureau of Commerce and Economic Cooperation
· Daqing Council for the Promotion of International Trade
· Jixi Council for the Promotion of International Trade
· Shuangyashan Municipal Bureau of Commerce
· Yichun Council for the Promotion of International Trade
· Qitaihe Municipal Bureau of Commerce
· Hegang Municipal Bureau of Commerce
· Suihua Municipal Bureau of Commerce
· Heihe Council for the Promotion of International Trade
· Commerce Bureau of Daxinganling Regional administrative office of Heilongjiang Province
· Suifenhe Municipal Exhibition Service Center
· Daxinganling Forestry Group Company

3. Large enterprises and related parties (nine)
· Beidahuang Group Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Agricultural Investment Group Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang New Media Group Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Xiaokanglongjiang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.
· Heilongjiang Branch of China Construction Bank Co., Ltd.
· Hong Kong-Heilongjiang Association For Economic Cooperation
· Heilongjiang Taiwan Center
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