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Profile of CHTF

      The 31st Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as HTF) shall be held from June 15 to 19, held in the form of "mainly online, combined with online and offline". With the theme of “Technology Empowers New Era, Working Together to Build a New Pattern”, the 31st event focuses on the main objectives and key tasks of economic and social development during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period, implementing important speech delivered by Xi Jinping - General Secretary of CPC Central Committee at the symposium on deepening the revitalization of Northeast China and indications he made during a visit in Heilongjiang Province. Giving full play of the platform function and brand effect, Harbin Trade Fair shall further promote high-quality development and high-level opening-up, smooth domestic and international dual circulation, build a new development pattern. In combination with the normalization requirements of epidemic prevention and control, th e exhibition activities promoted the digitization, informatization and intellectualization of Harbin International Trade Fair to a new level through "cloud exhibition, cloud conference, cloud investment promotion, cloud live broadcast and cloud contract signing".

      The 31st HTF online exhibition platform has 8 exhibition halls including scientific and technological innovation, service trade, regional cooperation, comprehensive revitalization, brand promotion, imported goods, mechanical and electrical equipment and large machinery, highlighting the contents of "scientific and technological innovation, service trade, digital economy and business environment". During the exhibition, relevant forum activities were held around "promoting investment, unblocking trade, opening market and expanding domestic demand".

      You are cordially invited to participate the 31st Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair !

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